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EZVIZ C3W Pro Smart Security Camera – Outdoor WiFi Camera

239.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CD3843G0-AP – 4MP SmartIP network camera

540.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision Dome Network Camera Fixed – DS-2CD2955FWD-I

710.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Samsung QND 6082R 2MP Network IR Dome Camera

825.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Samsung QNO 6082R 2MP Samsung CCTV Camera

915.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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DH-IPC-HDW2439T-AS-LED-S2 4MP Dahua Full-Color Eyeball Camera

310.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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IPC-HDPW1431R1-S4 Dahua 4MP IR Fixed-focal Dome Camera

244.90 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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EZVIZ BC1-B2 Two Cameras with One Base Station Kit

690.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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EZVIZ BC2: 1080p Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision

355.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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EZVIZ BC1 Add On 2MP Solar Security Camera

315.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW2431R-ZS-S2 4MP IR Dome Network Camera

367.75 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua IPC-HFW2431T-ZS-S2 4MP IR Vari-focal Bullet Network Camera

367.75 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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IP Camera:

IP cameras use internet protocol for digital video transmission, allowing remote monitoring and management. IP cameras send videos online and help watch over homes, businesses, and public places. People use them at home to check things from far away, and companies use them to stop theft and understand customers better. They're also good for keeping an eye on traffic and making sure everyone follows the rules. Businesses find them handy for watching things at work. In Dubai, we have many IP cameras at great prices to help you keep things safe.

What We Offer:

We have some excellent IP cameras that do a fantastic job of keeping your home safe and sound! Check out our selection to find the one that fits your needs at home or work. We ensure our prices are fair so you can have advanced security without breaking the bank. Choose us for peace of mind with our excellent IP cameras.

2mp IP Camera:

We're delighted to introduce our 2MP IP Camera - the perfect way to keep your space safe and secure! With crystal-clear video quality and reliable performance, you'll feel confident knowing your security is in good hands. Capture details with crisp 1080p resolution, perfect for home or business surveillance. Take your time with your safety. Upgrade now with our 2MP IP Camera and ensure your property is fully protected. Our affordable solution offers peace of mind, so you can rest easy knowing you have the best protection.

4mp IP Camera:

You'll love the 4MP IP Camera! It's an absolute powerhouse, with a super-clear resolution of 2688x1520's perfect for detailed surveillance at home or in your business. Enjoy high quality and heightened security without breaking the bank. Elevate your monitoring capabilities with our advanced 4MP IP Camera, We want you to feel at ease and happy with every single frame we capture.

8mp IP Camera:

Our extreme 8MP IP Camera is the best solution for high-definition security. With a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, it captures every detail for advanced home or business surveillance. Experience superior quality and enhanced security at an affordable price. Take your surveillance to the next level with our state-of-the-art 8MP IP Camera. Don't settle for less – upgrade now and experience the difference.

12mp IP Camera:

Say hello to our friendly 12-megapixel IP camera - your trusted friend for high-tech security! You'll love having an extra pair of eyes with excellent 12-megapixel clarity watching over your home or business. It's like having a trusty companion that always has your back! Get maximum quality without breaking the bank. Take control of your security like never before with our advanced 12MP IP Camera, delivering unparalleled clarity and full surveillance capabilities!

Face Recognition IP Cameras:

Face recognition IP cameras are the advanced surveillance solution to secure your premises. These advanced devices use facial biometrics to identify and verify individuals precisely, making them ideal for access control, attendance tracking, and law enforcement security. With this technology, you get an additional layer of protection essential for safeguarding your residence and ensuring the safety of those inside.We love providing a wide range of IP cameras in Dubai, and we're incredibly excited about our latest Face Recognition models! Our top-of-the-line security solutions are perfect for businesses and individuals who want to keep their environments safe. We care about making advanced surveillance technology accessible and delivering affordable products. So, let us help you enhance the safety and security of your surroundings!

What is an IP camera?

An IP camera is a type of digital video camera that enables remote monitoring and surveillance over a computer network using the internet. It provides high-quality video footage, advanced capabilities, and seamless integration with modern security systems.

Is IP camera better than CCTV?

IP cameras are generally considered better than traditional CCTV cameras due to their higher resolution, advanced features, and the ability to transmit data over networks, providing superior flexibility and remote accessibility. However, the choice depends on specific requirements and budget considerations.

Do IP cameras need WiFi?

IP cameras can be accessed remotely through the internet or wired Ethernet. This gives you flexibility in how you stay connected. Whether using Wi-Fi or a wired connection, you can easily stay connected to your IP camera.