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Smart APC UPS 2200VA SMT2200IC

4,350.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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UPS Battery Category Description - shop.acssllc.aeWelcome to our comprehensive UPS Battery category at, your trusted online destination for reliable power solutions in the UAE. Explore our diverse range of UPS batteries designed to meet the power backup needs of homes and offices alike.

UPS Battery

Discover the backbone of uninterrupted power supply with our extensive UPS battery collection. Our batteries are engineered to provide seamless power continuity during unexpected outages, ensuring your critical systems remain operational.

Internal UPS Battery

Upgrade your UPS system with our internal UPS batteries, crafted for enhanced performance and durability. These batteries seamlessly integrate with your existing UPS unit, delivering reliable power when you need it the most.

External UPS Battery

For added flexibility and extended backup, explore our external UPS batteries. These units are designed to be easily connectable to your UPS system, providing an extra layer of power storage to keep your devices running smoothly.

All Battery Storage Capacity

Choose from a wide range of battery storage capacities to match your specific requirements. From compact solutions for home use to high-capacity options for office setups, we have the right UPS batteries to keep your devices powered.

UPS 24V Battery

Explore our UPS 24V batteries, ideal for applications requiring a higher voltage output. These batteries are designed to deliver reliable power for various electronic devices and systems.

12V Power Supply

Discover our 12V power supply options, perfect for smaller devices and applications. These batteries are compact yet powerful, ensuring a consistent and efficient power supply.

24V Power Supply

For applications demanding a bit more voltage, our 24V power supply options are the perfect fit. Trust in the stability and performance of our batteries for your critical electronic equipment.


Explore the renowned APC Smart UPS series, known for its intelligent battery management and reliable performance. Invest in the trusted APC brand for unparalleled power protection.

APC Smart UPS 750 Battery

Upgrade your APC Smart UPS 750 with our genuine replacement batteries. Ensure your UPS system continues to provide optimal performance and protection for your valuable electronics.

UPS Battery for Home

Keep your home powered and secure with our UPS batteries specifically designed for residential use. Safeguard your electronic devices and appliances from unexpected power interruptions.

UPS Battery for Office

Ensure uninterrupted productivity in your office with our dedicated UPS batteries for office environments. Choose from a range of capacities to meet the demands of your business operations.At, we prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Browse our UPS battery category to find the perfect power solution for your needs. Invest in uninterrupted power with confidence.