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Hikvision Dome Camera Indoor with Inbuilt Audio Mic

187.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua DH-HAC-B1A21 2MP Bullet Camera

Original price was: 200.00 د.إ.Current price is: 85.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS 2CE16D1T IT5 2MP Camera

169.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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HikVision 5mp CCTV Camera Ds-2ce16h8t-it5f

420.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision 2 MP Turbo HD Camera | ds-2ce56d0t-vfir3f

175.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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DS-2CE10DF3T-PF Hikvision 2MP Bullet Camera

165.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CE10HFT-E ColorVu PoC Fixed Mini Bullet Camera

260.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CE12KF0T-FS – ColorVu Audio Fixed Bullet Camera

Original price was: 250.00 د.إ.Current price is: 230.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CE10KF3T, 3K ColorVu Fixed Mini Bullet Camera

300.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CE10UF3T-E – Fixed Mini Bullet Camera

190.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-2CE10DF0T-LPFS Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu

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Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-VFIR3E | 2 MP PoC Manual Varifocal Bullet Camera

410.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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AHD Cameras:

AHD stands for analog high-definition cameras. These cameras come with high-quality visuals. The night mode of AHD cameras allows the operator to see the activities. These devices are great for crime deterrence.Our shop offers the best AHD cameras in Dubai and other cities in the UAE—all of our products are from well-known brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, and Samsung. Hurry up and get all the CCTV cameras, including IP and analog, at a 30% to 50% discount.

What is an Analog Camera?

An analog camera (AHD) is the oldest type of security camera that uses coaxial cable to send video to digital video recorders (DVRs) or video management systems (VMSs). As the technology becomes more advanced, hybrid analog cameras can now be connected to NVRs and transfer data through WiFi. Throughout Dubai, you can find several brands offering high-class analog cameras.

Benefits Of Analog Cameras:

Analog security cameras, or AHD cameras, benefit businesses and residential properties. Below are the most common advantages of analog cameras.

Enhanced Picture Quality: 

Analog cameras (AHD) now provide better resolution and visuals at cost-effective prices.

User-Friendly Operation: 

These security cameras are easily used and set up with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).


The most significant advantage of an analog camera is its affordability for larger systems.

Analog Cameras VS IP Cameras:

Analog cameras (AHD) provide excellent resolutions in low light conditions compared to IP cameras. The IP cameras offer grainier images when zoomed in. Analog security cameras are affordable and excellent choices for smaller businesses, but they are costly when you add extra equipment like cables, labor, and recorders.It's important to note that IP security cameras must be connected to network video recorders, while analog cameras require a connection to DVRs.

Best Analog Cameras Systems:

The brands that offer analog CCTV cameras have different products from each other. We will list the best analog camera systems for all types of customers.

Analog Bullet Camera:

Analog bullet cameras are used with AHD recorders and provide exceptional features. These cameras come in a small cylinder shape. Furthermore, they are used widely throughout the states of the emirates.

Analog Box Camera:

Analog box cameras are classic among the list of cameras. These cameras are ideal if you want to replace old cameras. They also have high-resolution images and video quality, making them unique.

Use Cases Of Analog Cameras:

There are several cases where people have used analog CCTV cameras. Several businesses have installed analog cameras in the UAE to provide security and safety to staff and assets. Some of the most used cases are listed below.

Small Retail Stores

In small stores, analog cameras monitor all the activities and help to prevent shoplifting and theft.

Restaurants and Cafes

Analog security cameras can enhance customer protection and furniture in restaurants and cafes.

Residential Properties

In residential properties, analog cameras provide the security and safety of assets and people. You can also use it to monitor the activities of kids and pets by using an analog camera.

Parking Lots and Garages

You can use these CCTV cameras in parking lots to see the vehicles entering and exiting; this enhances the area's security.

Small Businesses

Analog cameras are an excellent choice for small businesses, as they are affordable and offer several features.

Analog Camera Brands Available at Our Shop:

Our shop provides all the premium analog CCTV cameras from top-notch brands. All the products are new and have fantastic quality.

Hikvision Analog Camera:

Hikvision presents analog cameras in its Turbo HD camera family. Their analog cameras are best all over the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai. They offer both hybrid and traditional analog cameras. Hybrid analog cameras allow users to control cameras from Hik-Connect apps or DVRs. The AcuSense-powered DVRs improve security and safety.

Dahua Analog Camera:

Dahua provides an exceptional series of AHD cameras with the best features and quality. They have introduced HDCVI cameras, which have multiple switchable options. Dahua offers various series in HDCVI, such as panoramic, pro, lite, cooper, and so on.

Samsung Analog Camera:

Samsung is reliable for high-resolution and day and night mode analog cameras. Samsung has designed cameras using cutting-edge technology that increases innovation and quality. At our shop, you can buy Samsung cameras at discounted prices.


What are the uses of analog cameras (AHD Cameras)?

There are multiple uses for analog security cameras. One of the best uses of analog cameras is that they are low-cost and have fewer components.

Which is better, analog or digital CCTV?

Both are excellent choices, but analog cameras are better than digital CCTV cameras in terms of reliability and user-friendly interface.