32 Channel NVR

Experience crystal-clear surveillance and ultimate in high-definition monitoring with our 4K HD 32-Channel NVR selection. Proudly offering Hikvision and Dahua options at the best prices in the UAE.

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Dahua NVR4432-16P-4KS2/l – 32-Channel AI WizSense NVR

Original price was: 1,790.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,750.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua NVR5432-4KS2 – 32 Channel 4K NVR

Original price was: 1,534.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,455.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua DHI-NVR4232-4KS2/L Advanced 32-Channel NVR

Original price was: 786.00 د.إ.Current price is: 725.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision 32 Channel NVR 4K – DS-7732NI-K4

1,215.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Dahua 32 Channel NVR: Powerful Security for Homes and Businesses

625.00 د.إpcs Excluding VAT
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Hikvision DS-9632NI-I8 32-channel, 2U network video recorder

Original price was: 2,900.00 د.إ.Current price is: 2,850.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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Smart Security NVR | 32 Cameras, Hikvision AI

Original price was: 1,750.00 د.إ.Current price is: 1,695.00 د.إ.pcs Excluding VAT
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What is 32 Channel NVR?

A 32 channel NVR is a device that can support up to 32 CCTV cameras at once. This device enables users to capture, store, and replay footage from security cameras. Typically, 32 channel NVRs are used in large businesses and government properties to simultaneously monitor and protect several assets and properties.You can purchase top-quality 32 channel NVRs with rich features from our store. All our products are from well-known brands. We are authorized distributors of leading security cameras and video recorders throughout the UAE.

Why are NVRs Essential in Security Systems?

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are crucial in any Security System. They are responsible for managing and processing the video footage captured by the cameras. With an NVR, you can conveniently record and store all the footage on a storage drive. Additionally, you can connect an NVR to a monitor to watch the footage in real time. Furthermore, an NVR offers various features that allow you to perform different functions on the footage, making it an essential component of a reliable security system.

Advantages of a 32-Channel NVR

A 32 channel NVR offers several advantages over traditional DVRs. Many businesses prefer using 32-channel NVRs due to their key benefits. Below are the most common advantages of 32-channel NVRs.
  • Allows easy scalability, ensuring comprehensive coverage without blind spots.
  • Supports high-definition cameras with 4K and 8K resolutions.
  • Provides crystal-clear footage capturing every detail for better visibility.
  • Enables users to view live and recorded footage from anywhere globally.
  • Convenient access via smartphone, tablet, or computer for remote monitoring.
  • More reliable and secure compared to traditional DVRs.
  • Built-in redundancies and failover mechanisms for continuous recording.
  • Advanced security features like encryption, authentication, and access control

Best 32 Channel NVRs in Dubai

Our shop is proud to offer the most affordable and high-quality 32-channel NVRs. Among our selections, one of the best 32-channel NVRs is from Hikvision and is worth its price. It comes with all the features businesses and companies need, including support for unique security cameras like ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) and fisheye cameras. With advanced streaming technology, you can enjoy smooth streaming even in poor network conditions.

NVR Brands We Offer in Dubai

Our store provides a wide range of high-quality NVR brands from top manufacturers, all available at affordable prices. Our inventory is updated daily to ensure that you have access to the latest products in the market. To stay informed about our latest offerings, we recommend subscribing to our website for real-time notifications on new arrivals and special deals.

Hikvision 32 Channel NVR

Hikvision is a well-known manufacturer of CCTV cameras, particularly in the UAE region. They provide a range of security cameras and video recorders, including DVR for analog cameras and NVR for IP cameras. We offer affordable 32 channel Hikvision NVRs for various purposes. Additionally, they offer parking management systems that can detect and display the status of each parking space in a parking lot.

Dahua 32 Channel NVR

Dahua provides an extensive selection of 32 channel NVRs, each with distinct specifications and prices to meet the needs of every customer. Face detection is a standard feature in all Dahua network video recorders. At the same time, perimeter protection is present in most of their 32-channel NVRs. Additionally, their devices enable easy vehicle license plate comparisons.

CP Plus 32 Channel NVR

If you are looking for the best option to capture 4K footage and use AI technology in 32-channel NVRs, then CP Plus 32 Channel NVR is worth considering. Their network video recorders are designed to connect with various customers and accommodate up to 10TB of storage drive. With CP Plus 32-channel NVRs, managing different locations is much easier. Many hotels and government buildings choose CP Plus 32 Channel NVRs to record and store footage of their premises.


What is 32 channel NVR IP?

A 32-channel NVR video recorder supports up to 32 IP cameras. Many 32-channel NVRs support unique cameras such as ANPR and fisheye cameras.

How many cameras can be connected to a 32-channel NVR?

You can connect up to 32 cameras to a 32-channel NVR. You will need to purchase a new NVR with a higher channel capacity to add more cameras.

How do I connect my 32-channel NVR?

To connect your security cameras with a 32-channel NVR, use ethernet cables to link the cameras to the ports. Ensure the connection is stable and proper. For specific setup guidance, refer to the NVR manual.