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CCTV Camera Price Full Set 2024

CCTV Camera Price Full Set 2023

In today’s world, the importance of safety cannot be overstated. Whether you plan to secure your home or business, you must admit the importance of a CCTV camera kit and you must be curious to know CCTV Camera Price Full Set
Here’s a price range estimate for CCTV cameras that range from 55 to 2000 AED. This comprehensive monitoring system is essential not only for safety but also for peace of mind. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the key features of a complete set of CCTV cameras to help you make informed decisions for your security needs.

CCTV Camera Price Full Set:

CCTV CamerasBrandSKUResolutionPrice Full Set
Indoor IP CCTV CameraHikvisionDS-2CD1323G0-IUF2 MP145 AED
Outdoor CCTV CamerasHikvisionDS-2CD2743G1-IZ(S)4 MP754 AED
Mini Dome IP CameraHikvisionDS-2DE3A400BW-DE(T5)4 MP650 AED
Home Wifi CamerasHikvisionDS-2CD1053G0-I5 MP285 AED
Ezviz c6n 1080pEzvizPKDEEZVIZC6N1080p115 AED
Dome Network CameraHikvisionDS-2CD2163G2-IU6 MP378 AED
Hikvision IP CameraHikvisionDS-2CD2083G2-I8 MP440 AED

Why invest in a complete CCTV camera package?

Considering Home Security: Basic Tasks

In-home security CCTV cameras are the ultimate solution at a total price. It acts as a watchful eye to prevent powerful invaders and provide solid evidence against the enemy. The sense of security that comes with being at home is exceptional.

Business: Protecting assets and employees

A complete CCTV camera is more than just a security measure for businesses. It is an investment in maintaining both assets and people. Creating a safe environment protects physical assets and promotes employee well-being. A CCTV system ensures that every corner is constantly monitored, increasing overall security.

Choosing the right CCTV camera: factors to consider

Choosing the right CCTV camera requires a comprehensive evaluation of all types of CCTV cameras. Factors such as resolution, night vision, and weather resistance are essential. Understanding your specific needs is vital to making informed choices and ensuring that your investments are appropriate for your needs.

Types of surveillance cameras

IP camera

Among the many types of CCTV cameras, IP cameras shine brightly. These cameras are an integral part of the entire range of CCTV cameras, provide unparalleled clarity, and can be accessed remotely over the internet. Its high-definition video capabilities make it popular for residential and commercial applications.

Turbo HD Camera

Turbo HD cameras have carved a niche among the various types of CCTV cameras. It delivers high-definition video quality and provides crisp, clear images. Its affordability and compatibility make it an attractive option for homeowners and small businesses looking for a reliable monitoring solution

Top CCTV Camera Brands and Their Offerings

Hikvision cameras

Hikvision, a leading player in the industry, offers an impressive array of CCTV camera price full set options. Their range includes high-definition cameras, NVRs, and accessories, ensuring top-notch security for various applications. Hikvision’s commitment to quality is evident in its cutting-edge technology.

Dahua Technology cameras

Dahua Technology stands tall with its innovative offerings in the CCTV camera price full set arena. Their products boast advanced features such as facial recognition and AI capabilities. These features, combined with excellent night vision, cater to diverse security needs, making Dahua Technology a reliable choice.

EZVIZ cameras

EZVIZ, a name synonymous with user-friendly security solutions, provides a range of CCTV camera price full set options. Their products are designed for easy operation and installation, from smart home cameras to outdoor cameras. EZVIZ products combine affordability with reliability, making them popular among homeowners seeking accessible security solutions.

Components of a CCTV Camera Full Set

Cameras: Eyes of the System

At the heart of every CCTV camera full set are the cameras themselves. Serving as the vigilant eyes of the system, they capture visual data around the clock. Whether it’s a dome camera, a bullet camera, or a PTZ camera, each type plays a specific role, ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

DVR/NVR: The Brain Behind the Operation

Working in tandem with the cameras, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) forms the brain of the CCTV camera full set. They process and store video footage, organizing it efficiently for future reference. Their seamless operation ensures that your surveillance system functions flawlessly.

Cables, Power Supply, and Connectors

Often overlooked but crucial, the cables, power supply units, and connectors are the lifeline of any CCTV system. These components ensure seamless communication between various elements of the CCTV camera full set. Investing in high-quality cables and connectors guarantees reliable performance and longevity.

Storage Devices: Storing Evidence Safely

Storing the captured footage securely is paramount for any CCTV camera full set. Whether a hard drive or cloud storage solution, the devices preserve the recorded data, allowing easy retrieval when needed. Safeguarding this evidence is essential for legal and reference purposes, making storage devices indispensable to the CCTV camera full set.

Factors Affecting CCTV Camera Price Full Set

Quality vs. Budget

One of the critical factors influencing CCTV camera price full set is the quality of the components. Higher resolution and advanced features come at a premium. While considering your budget, it’s essential to balance quality and affordability. Investing in a system that meets your security needs without compromising quality ensures long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.

Additional Costs of Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Beyond the initial CCTV camera price full set, additional costs such as installation, maintenance, and potential upgrades should be factored in. Professional installation might come with added expenses, but it ensures a seamless setup. Regular maintenance enhances the system’s longevity, while planned upgrades keep your security measures updated with the latest technology.


In conclusion, a CCTV camera price full set is not just a security solution; it’s an investment in your safety and peace of mind. By understanding the various components, types, and factors affecting prices, you can make a well-informed decision tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you are securing your home or business, a thoughtfully chosen CCTV camera full set acts as an unwavering sentinel, ensuring a secure environment for you and your loved ones. Stay vigilant, stay safe!

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